For anyone who didn’t catch on, I named by blog after the song In One Ear by my favorite band Cage The Elephant. I know it’s cliche to name a music blog after a song, but if Wild Honey Pie can do it and be successful, I figured it would be okay. I didn’t just go through my music and find a song that sounds good though, this one was picked for a special reason.

In One Ear was one of the first songs that Cage The Elephant released, and is one of the most popular off their self-titled debut album. I love that this was one of their first songs released, especially because of the message behind it. It’s not one of those songs that you have to listen to over and over again to figure out what they’re trying to say though, it’s straightforward.

One of the main lines in the song is “It goes in one ear and right out the other” which I think perfectly captures what the whole song is about. The song is basically for all of the nay-sayers that don’t thinkCage The Elephant can be successful.

It starts off saying all of the stuff that people have criticised the band for, then the chorus is expressing that the band really just doesn’t care, it goes in one ear and out the other because they aren’t letting it get to them or define who they are. The second verse and the chorus go the same way and then it gets to the bridge, which I really love. Here’s what it says..

Here’s the moral to the story,
We don’t do it for the glory,
We don’t do it for the money,
We don’t do it for the fame
So all the critics who despise us, go ahead and criticize us,
It’s your tyranny that drives us, adds the fire to our flames

I love what the band is saying. They aren’t creating music for fame and fortune, but because it’s what they love to do. They let the people against them motivate them.

I decided to make this the name for my blog because at first, I was scared to do this. I didn’t know what people would think and I have never written for anything before, but then I realized it’s what I really want to do, and anyone who says anything for the sole purpose of bringing me down won’t bother me. I’m open to constructive criticism always, but I won’t let people trying to be negative get to me. I’m combining two things I love, writing and music and making it something I’m proud of, so if you have something bad to say it’ll just go “in one ear and right out the other.”