Band Spotlight: PVRIS


PVRIS (originally founded as Paris) is a three-piece electropop band from Lowell, MA consisting of lead singer Lynn Gunn, guitarist Alex Babinski, and bassist Brian MacDonald.

I was first introduced to Pvris a few months ago at Music Midtown in Atlanta, GA. I had heard the name before, but had not had the chance to ever sit down and actually listen to their music. They began their set and the music reminded me very much of a less raw Paramore. The powerful drums complimented by hard-hitting female vocals resemble the equation for most Paramore songs, but PVIRS have done a phenomenal job incorporating electronic elements. Though missing a permanent drummer, PVRIS felt very complete and delivered a phenomenal show. Being that this performance was earlier in the day, the crowd wasn’t too large. However, vocalist Lynn Gunn, fresh off a 2017 APMA award for best female vocalist, provided endless energy throughout the set. The band played roughly 10 songs, mixing it up with hits from their 2014 debut album White Noise as well as songs from their new album All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell.

I have found White Noise to be my favorite album from the young group, with songs like “Fire” and “Smoke” showing off the immense energy of MacDonald and Babinski. Songs like “Eyelids” and “You and I” showcase the amazing vocals of Gunn. All around, “White Noise” is a well-rounded album, though slightly disappointing lyrically.

All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell is a more mature album that really incorporates many electronic sounds. PVRIS seem to have found their groove lyrically, however the music is much more laid back. Absent are the hard-hitting drums and boisterous guitars, save for a few tracks such as “Walk Alone”.

In all, PVRIS are a young band that have a bright future. The electropop sound is something that is unique, and is not copied by many. Critical receptions of previous albums have been good, and PVRIS should continue to grow into an independent band that I believe could one day carry a label.

PVRIS are set to begin their 2018 North American tour in February, with a stop at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta on February 15th.


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