15 Favorite Catfish and the Bottlemen Songs

Catfish and the Bottlemen is one of my favorite bands. I would love to do something like an album ranking, but since they only have two so far, I decided picking my favorite songs would be better. All of the songs off their debut album made the list, if that speaks to how much I enjoy them.


(P.S. All of their songs are amazing and you should listen to both albums: The Balcony and The Ride)

You can click on the title of each song to hear it on Spotify.

  1. Fallout – The Balcony.
  2. Cocoon – The Balcony
  3. Rango – The Balcony
  4. Homesick – The Balcony
  5. 7 – The Ride
  6. Business – The Balcony
  7. Twice – The Ride
  8. Pacifier – The Balcony
  9. Anything – The Ride
  10. Hourglass – The Balcony
  11. Tyrants -The Balcony
  12. Soundcheck – The Ride
  13. Kathleen – The Balcony
  14. Sidewinder – The Balcony
  15. 26 – The Balcony





































































































































































































































































































































































  1. n

















  1. – The Balcony







































































































  1. Sidewinder – The Balcony



































































































































































































































































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