Music Midtown 2017: blink-182, Young The Giant


This was my 3rd time attending Music Midtown, and although the lineup wasn’t great overall, I couldn’t have asked for 2 better bands to perform than blink-182 and Young the Giant. There were many great acts, however I want to focus on these two specifically.


Music Midtown opened its’ gates at 12 PM, and at 12:10 I was at the blink-182 stage awaiting their show. This was my 4th time seeing them, and I wanted to make sure I was as close as possible as I have been for previous shows. blink-182 didn’t come on until 9:30, so I had quite a while to wait, but luckily the stage was also home to acts like PVRIS, Milky Chance, and Weezer throughout the day. After waiting what seemed like days, blink finally came on and put on a kick-ass show. They opened with “Feeling This”, as always, which showcases the unique tone of Matt Skiba’s and Mark Hoppus’s voices. They progressed through the show playing classics such as “What’s My Age Again?” and “First Date”, which excited the crowd and only made the experience more enjoyable. I remember looking back at one point and witnessing a sea of people all jumping and singing. They then played one of my favorites, “Dysentery Gary”, and during that song I ended up catching Skiba’s guitar pick. That was the highlight of the night as blink finished off with the smash-hit “Dammit” to a sea of confetti.
The entire show was like a steady stream of adrenaline. It baffles me that a band entering their 26th year (though with a few lineup changes) can still rock just as hard as they did in ‘92.

Added note: Travis Barker still hits as hard as anyone I have ever seen.

Young the Giant:

This was my 3rd time seeing the 5-piece band from California, and lead singer Sameer Gadhia has yet to disappoint me. YTG brings such an energetic and natural presence to the stage, something I have yet to see matched by another band. They play every song as if it is the closer, and that created such a vibrant mood throughout the crowd. “Jungle Youth” and “Mr. Know-It-All” were absolutely rocking, while they pulled back slightly with the softer “Titus Was Born”. I personally was excited to see just how big YTG has gotten; the crowd was massive. I have been following the band since 2010 when they were still relatively small, so for them to be on the second line of the festival lineup is amazing. Additionally, their stage set up was among the best of the festival in my opinion. Per the norm, they closed with “My Body”, perhaps their most known song. Watching the crowd jump up and down during the chorus was the highlight of the festival for me. Young the Giant will continue to be one of my favorite bands to see live, and it was an awesome experience to be able to see them again with so many like-minded individuals.


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