Weezer at Music Midtown 2017


This year was my third year at Music Midtown, and while the lineup wasn’t the best, it was broad and included a lot of artists I wanted to see. Although I saw a lot of people this weekend that I enjoyed, I want to talk about Weezer.

The first time I heard a Weezer song I was probably too young to even know what a concert was. My dad loves Weezer and would play them a lot when I was little. I can associate “Undone – The Sweater Song” with my childhood. It’s one of their songs that I can vividly remember my dad playing when I was younger. I remember hearing “if you want to destroy my sweater, hold this thread as I walk away” and creating a picture in my mind that was quite literal, but what would you expect from a kid? As I grew older and my music taste advanced, I started listening to this band on my own and now enjoy many of their songs.

Since I feel that connection with Weezer, it’s really special to me to hear them live. Any band that you form a connection with somehow will always be monumental when you hear them live. Although nothing compares to the first time you hear a band live, it’s still a good experience every time. This was my second time seeing Weezer, but I was still excited. Maybe only 1% less than I was the first time I heard them play.

I was really happy that at Music Midtown, Weezer chose to play a lot of older songs. My favorites that they performed were “Pork and Beans,” “Undone,” “Say It Aint So,” and “Buddy Holly.” I also enjoy some of their newer songs like “Thank God For Girls.”

I was sad that their set wasn’t as long as when I saw them the first time, but they weren’t headliners so it’s expected that their time would be shorter than at a normal concert. I was really surprised that they didn’t play “My Name Is Jonas” though, because that seems to be one of their more popular songs that people know.

Overall, the experience they created was fun and energetic. I had the time of my life singing/yelling the songs along with the band. I wish I had pictures or videos to show, but I didn’t get any. I was in the moment and enjoying it and didn’t even think about recording. The set wasn’t anything crazy, but it was still visually pleasing and Weezer-esque.

For anyone that hasn’t seen this band live, I strongly suggest you do some time in your life. Even if you only know a couple of songs, there’s nothing like the feeling you get being in the crowd and hearing them on full blast live. 

Side note: I just love Rivers Cuomo’s style and his guitar.


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