Music Midtown Tips



Since Music Midtown is only a couple of weeks away, I decided I would provide some tips for how to survive this two-day city music festival.

1. Figure out transportation beforehand. 

  • Driving is okay if you happen to find parking and don’t care about paying $20+, but I suggest if you do drive to try to carpool. A better option would be finding a MARTA bus to take or using Uber or Lyft. Even getting a ride from a friend would be less hectic than trying to drive through Atlanta in the middle of this festival.

 2. Buy your ticket in enough time that your wristband is mailed to you. 

  • The last thing you want to do when you get to Piedmont Park is wait in line at the box office to pick up your wristband. I’m having trouble finding out when the exact last day to have them shipped is, but I know with the festival so close it’s probably soon.

 3. Do not bring backpacks, camelbacks, or professional cameras.

  • There is a whole list of things that are banned, but these are the main items that people would think are okay to bring that actually aren’t. I usually bring a small purse or a fanny pack (which is the easiest) if I need to bring stuff inside. If you don’t want to carry anything in, you can do a cashless payment option where you link your card to your wristband, which eliminates the need for cards and cash. Cameras are allowed but only smaller ones with no attachments.

4. You will get searched.

  • I am not going to go into too many details here, but take this as what it means for you. They have metal detectors and will look inside your bags. It’s usually nothing too serious and goes by super fast for me, but it’s still good to know what you’re going into.

5. Bring a water bottle!

  • You are allowed to bring in either one sealed plastic water bottle or one empty reusable water bottle. Take advantage of this. They have fill-up stations inside and there’s no point of wasting money on water inside the venue, which will most likely be expensive.

6. If you’re planning in queuing for a band, bring something to sit on. 

  • If you’re one of those people that will be waiting at stages all day for a certain performer, you may want to bring a blanket or towel of some kind to sit on. You probably won’t want to stand the whole time and the grass is itchy. Not to mention, there is usually spilled beer or other nasty things all over it.

7. If you leave the venue, scan yourself out. 

  • If you have to leave Piedmont Park, remember to scan out on your exit. Sometimes they don’t care as much about this, but it’s better to be safe than be denied entry again because you didn’t scan your wristband on the way out.

8. Look at the schedule.. and plan!

  • There is an app with the schedule that tells you times and stages, but trying to get your phone to work at MM can be difficult sometimes. Beforehand, I like to print the schedule and highlight who I want to see so I know when I need to be at what stages. Taking a picture on your phone of your personal schedule is helpful too.  Also, look out for announcements for changed stages/times while at the festival. You wouldn’t want to miss your favorite band because of a time change!

9. Hydrate, Eat, Etc.

  • This really goes without saying but make sure you get enough to eat throughout the day. I usually like to eat lunch before I go in (to save money, festival food is pricey). I have been bad before about taking time to eat later in the day, but it’s in your best interests to eat something throughout the festival that won’t make you feel sick. If you don’t eat, the heat and crowd could get to you and make you pass out. Also, drink lots of water!!! This can go back to tip #5. Take advantage of water refill stations!

10. HAVE FUN! 

  • Okay so this isn’t really a tip, but I know if you follow most of this advice you’re destined to have a good time. Take in all the music, positivity and excitement that is Music Midtown! 🙂

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