August Playlist


August is almost over, school is starting back, and I’ve already seen a million tweets about how people are ready for fall. I’m actually glad this month is coming to an end (and not just because September is my birth month). I’m keeping my fingers crossed for ~actual~ fall weather this year and hopefully with it, new, note-worthy music.

With August coming to a close I decided to share my August playlist. Originally I didn’t want to because it’s not one of those playlists where every song feels connected and makes you feel a certain way, which people usually expect. It’s honestly just songs I like (almost all my playlists are) and that I listened to this month. It does, however, include some music that was released late July/August.

It’s always hard for me when I’m making a playlist [not solely for myself] because I feel like my taste varies a lot, so one person probably won’t love every song. None the less, I hope you can maybe find a couple that you like, if not all! Enjoy 🙂



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