Covers Almost Better Than The Original

Lay By My Side

I personally enjoy this song better as a duet, rather than a solo. The Polhill siblings came through with this amazing cover of the Sam Smith song. Abby does not really post much anymore, here and there at times. On the other hand, Parker has actually done a lot of work lately with Royalty-Free artists.


The original version, produced by Leonard Cohen, is probably never heard of. What you have heard of though, is this version sung by Rufus Wainwright. His version was featured in the film Shrek, which is probably why we are familiar with it, as well as love it.

I Want You To Want Me

I don’t know if its the vocals that make this version better, or if its because its sped up a tad. But I do know that I gravitate more towards this than the original. The rock band, based out of Glasgow was locally known for their covers. Unfortunately, the group has not posted anything in years.


Honorable Mentions

I wouldn’t consider these better than the original, but they are still very good.





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