Top Favorite Albums of 2017 (So Far)


There’s no denying that there has been an abundance of great music released in 2017, which made narrowing it down difficult, but there are those albums that I have listened to on repeat that stick out for me. For now, I’ll be choosing out of all the albums released from January 6 to August 4.

This list isn’t the Top 5 as in the Top 5 making the most money, or even the Top 5 most widely liked. This is just what my personal favorites have been so far.

~ in no specific order ~

  1. DAMN – Kendrick Lamar


I have so much respect for Kendrick as an artist. He’s one of the best writers in the game and has a captivating way of telling stories through his music. I’ve probably listened to this album top to bottom over 100 times since it came out in April. My favorite songs are “GOD.,” “XXX.,” “LUST.,” “FEEL.,” “ELEMENT.,” and “PRIDE.,” but honestly every song is worth listening to.

2. Lust For Life – Lana Del Rey


If you’ve read my last article about Lana’s albums, then you already know I love Lust For Life. I have listened to it almost constantly since it was released. You can tell how much work and heart Lana put into this album. My favorites haven’t changed since that article, they still include “Tomorrow Never Came,” “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems,” “Heroin,” “In My Feelings,” “White Mustang,” and “Change.”

3. Melodrama – Lorde


I feel like this doesn’t need any explanation. If you’ve listened to this album, you know why it’s on this list. If not, you need to. I had the pleasure of hearing her perform some of the songs at Bonnaroo, even though sadly the album wasn’t released yet. Her performance was outstanding and real and I didn’t want it to end. My favorites are “Writer In The Dark,” “The Louvre,” “Liability,” “Perfect Places,” and “Homemade Dynamite.”

4. Unpeeled – Cage The Elephant


Cage The Elephant is my favorite band, so there’s a high chance that any album they released would be on this list. Still, even without the bias, I think this album is excellent. Cage The Elephant chose the perfect songs for this stripped down album. I was sad about some of the ones that didn’t make it, like “Hypocrite,” “In One Ear” (obviously) and “Halo,” but I know they couldn’t fit every single song on one album. They included three covers: “Whole Wide World” by Wreckless Eric, “Instant Crush” by Daft Punk, and “Golden Brown” by The Stranglers. I love them all. I also really like “Spiderhead,” “Shake Me Down,” “Aberdeen,” “Right Before My Eyes,” “Back Against the Wall,” and “Cigarette Daydreams.”

5. Blossom – Milky Chance


I first discovered this band the same way I’m pretty sure everyone does, through their song “Stolen Dance” from their first album Sadnecessary. This was their most popular song and what they became known for, although I enjoyed others off the album like “Flashed Junk Mind” and “Sadnecessary.” They have since released Blossom, which I love. It’s basically a whole album of catchy songs that prove that they aren’t the one-hit-wonder type of band some people had labeled them as. They also included a bunch of acoustic versions of their songs on the album, which delivers a raw, soothing sound and emphasizes the lead singer’s (Clemens Rehbein) voice. Milky Chance is becoming one of my favorite bands. My favorite songs are “Cocoon,” “Ego,” “Cold Blue Rain,” “Blossom” and “Doing Good.”






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