When You Realize Your Music Taste Has Evolved and Grown


If you would have met me 4 years ago; right on you would have noticed my wrists covered in flashy beaded bracelets, with sayings etched on them like “eat cake,” and “HDYGRL.”  The bracelets, called kandi, were a symbol of the music genre that was so close to my heart at the time, EDM. Electric Dance Music, the genre that inspired the creation of EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), the platform where today’s major artists got their start. Artists such as David Guetta, Zedd, The Chainsmokers, and Calvin Harris. I was an EDM junkie, seriously. As long as a song had an incredible bass, and drop, I would vibe with it… even if it was complete trash. I was devoted to my favorite artists, and I always dreamed about being able to see them live at a festival. At the time, I was around 14-16, so it was always a goal to be able to go to one when I turned 18.
So, here I am. Well past the age to go to a festival, or even a small rave to see the producers who I looked up to so much. But it’s weird to listen to that music now. The music that would make me feel high on life just hurts my ears, and the bass that I would feel with my heart just makes me wonder how long it will take to make my eardrums burst. It’s kind of sad not to enjoy the music that I loved so much anymore, but it feels even better to be in love with a much broader taste of music. To enjoy the same music my parents did at my age, and to enjoy music that connects deeper with the soul, that is poetic. To be part of a bigger community of music lovers, and just not confined to a group of a bunch of bass heads.
 I still respect the art of EDM, and how much time DJs and producers put into making a single track. I also still have major respect for the PLUR community, for always striving to spread positivity to others who love the genre. I know my younger self would be sad to know that she would never experience going to a huge EDM festival, but I think she would appreciate the artistry that I am a part of now way more.

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