Heavyn Leigh: An Artist To Watch Out For



[Picture by Charles Meyer] 

Heavyn Leigh is an up and coming artist that you may have heard of before. She became famous over twitter in 2015 for singing a cover of “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston in a bathroom at her high school. She grew up in Georgia and is now located in Florida where she pursues her career in folk/blues music. I was lucky enough to get Heavyn to answer some questions for my first interview!

Unfortunately, it had to be an online interview because of location, but she didn’t disappoint in providing thoughtful answers.

Heavyn’s links to follow/subscribe to her on Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube are at the bottom of the article 🙂


[Picture by Charles Meyer]

1. When did you first start getting into the creating/performing part of music and what was it that drew you to it?

I began singing around the age of 9. My elementary school was hosting its annual talent show and I had BEGGED my mom to let me audition, but she told me 4th grade was probably too young and that I should wait until I was in 5th. So I took it upon myself to forge her signature and audition anyway.. I ended up winning that year.

2. Who would you say is your biggest influence, musically and in general?

Fleetwood Mac has been a huge overall influence on my style and tone, but as for newer music, I’d have to say Zella Day and Briggs.

3. What was the first song you ever wrote, and how do you feel about it now as you’ve progressed as an artist?

My first real song I played for my parents and friends that I wasn’t scared to play was about 2 years ago. It was shortly after a really hard break-up (go figure) and was called “I’m Not The One.”  I feel like every song kinda progresses my music, but this song will still be on my EP “Incarnadine”.

4. When you write, do you base your songs off of your life experiences?

Yes, for now. I just began practicing writing from different perspectives.

5. What’s the one song you could listen to over and over and never get tired of it?

Season 2 Episode 3 by Glass Animals

6. You told me before that you have an EP coming out in June, what can we expect from it?

If you’ve ever had someone do you dirty you will definitely love my EP. My EP is my journey through my first heartbreak. The initial blow and the hurt up until I got over him, all the dating in between and what it’s like finding yourself through all of it and finding the things I love. It’s taken me about a year and a half of writing for all of my songs. “Incarnadine EP” will be released June 22nd, 2017.

7. Besides the EP, do you have any other projects you’re working on right now?

Music wise, I collab with friends all the time, but project life wise, I’m just travelling to where my heart desires and living life to the fullest every day.

8. What would you say is your proudest moment as a singer-songwriter so far?

Self-funding my entire album and EP.

9. And your most challenging moment?

Also self-funding my entire album and EP.

10. Do you have any advice for other people trying to start a music career?

Believing you can is the first step, and then getting off your ass and working hard to get to what you believe you can get to is the second.

11. When you perform, how do you feel and do you ever get nervous?

It’s like a high. I always leave wanting more.

12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years, still involved with music?

Hell yes, I see my name on your favorite playlist.

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[Picture by Benjamin Ryan]

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