AskYou: What are your favorite lyrics?


“I know the world’s a broken bone, but melt your headaches call it home.” 

These lyrics from “Norther Downpour” by Panic! At The Disco are my favorite lyrics of all time, as hard as it is to pick. To me, these lyrics mean that, yes, the world is full of unfair things; it’s not always the easiest place to live. Even though we deal with unjust circumstances sometimes, we have to learn to cope and be happy because this world is our home. These lyrics always remind me that even though everything isn’t always going to be exactly how I like it, I can find ways to be happy despite that. I think there is something beautiful about being able to find peace in a world that has a deficiency of it.

I decided to answer my own question in this article because of how challenging of a question it is. It’s hard to pick a favorite lyric when there are more than a billion songs in this world and within those songs, different lyrics. How does one even pick? Some people choose lyrics that make them happiest, some choose lyrics that are linked to memories, and some choose lyrics just because they’re catchy. I can’t speak for the everyone and why they love the lyrics they do, but I can share with you the answers of ten different peers that have been generous enough to share their thoughts with the world.


What are your favorite lyrics and why?


Wade Mallory

“The good news is you came a long way, the bad news is you went the wrong way.”

I can relate to J. Cole when he says that because in some points of my life I feel like I’ve come a long way but sometimes I question my past decisions, ya know?

[Love Yourz, J. Cole}


Kendall Coggin

“Life has a hopeful undertone.”

I chose this lyric from a song called Migraine by a band called twenty one pilots; Tyler Jospeh being the lead singer and Josh Dun being the drummer. Although picking only ONE favorite lyric was difficult, this will always be a go-to for me. I chose this lyric because of its relativity to anyone.

I’m sure most people can agree that some days are beautiful, vibrant, and breathtaking. Some days are overwhelming, lonely, and petrifying. And other days are numb, desensitised, and senseless.

Giving up is always on the brink of my mind, I’m alone in my struggles, no one understands: these thoughts are more common than I ever wanted, BUT although sometimes life can really get me down, it is still good. I’m breathing. I’m living. I’m experiencing. I’m, in fact, not solo in my troubles.

The actual definition of undertone is “an underlying or muted quality or feeling” meaning the happiness and fulfilment I’m looking for won’t always be right in front of my face but it’s still there. Keep reaching for it. This lyric gives me a sense of relief in between all the chaos. Hope people can relate!

Stay alive. |-/

{Migraine, twenty one pilots}


Mackenzi Brown

“We sink to be sunk, life is no race. When I’m not happy, I’m in disgrace.”

These are lyrics from one of my favorite songs by The Kooks called “Junk of the Heart.”

These are some of my favorite lyrics because it is basically saying that it is important to do what you want to do and not just what you “ought” to do. After all, if you are not happy, then what is the point?

{Junk Of The Heart, The Kooks}


Jayde Holyfield

“Coping, coping, floating, I will find peace somewhere.”

Well, the whole song is really good, but I relate to that one lyric so much. I guess because that’s exactly what I’m doing and a majority of people in this world are doing as well. Just coping, floating and hoping to find peace somewhere along the way. 🙂

{Cudi Zone, Kid Cudi}


Brenda Sierras

“Part of your charm was the way you would push me from all of the traps that I just couldn’t see. Figures the one that was there to have tripped you up would be the one that was set there by me.”

I fell in love with someone that wanted to save me, and I tore that person to shreds because at the time I felt that it would be better than to change who I was. That person is now “damaged goods” and I’m not even the same person I was fighting so hard to be.

In fact, I’m the person that she wanted me to be but she’s not the person she used to be so I can’t even call her to tell her that she was right.

{Dendron, The Hotelier}


Riley Simpson

“I came to visit ’cause you see me like a UFO. That’s like never, ’cause I made you use your self control.”

These are my favorite lyrics because they’re beautiful. It’s Frank Ocean talking about how he once spilt all his feelings to someone who just remains in his past because they couldn’t take what he was giving to them. So now every time they’re around each other it’s just tension, it’s awkward. I love the metaphor and what it stands for.

{Self Control, Frank Ocean}


Kelsy Burns

“I personally think that it’s too cold to have the windows open but you want to smoke your menthol cigarettes.”

I love it because it’s so me, pretty much. The most me thing.

{Awkward Conversation, The Front Bottoms}


Marci Meininger

“I’d never lie to you. Unless I had to I’ll do what I got to. Unless I had to I’ll do what I go to, the truth… is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt.”

These are my favorite lyrics because its such a great jam to scream at the top of your lungs. Also, the meaning behind these lyrics are very deep (not to sound basic lol).

{You’re So Last Summer, Taking Back Sunday}


Kenzie Stewart

“Life’s not out to get you, despite the things you’ve been through cause what you give is what you get and it doesn’t make sense to make do.”

I like these specific lyrics because I’ve been through a lot in my life and those words to me mean that no matter how rough you’ve had it, you can still rise above. You get what you put into your life; you’re in control. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. I think those words remind me not to give up on myself, my dreams, and what I believe in daily.

{Gold Steps, Neck Deep}


Alex Nunez (Damingo)

“The moon will illuminate my room and soon I’m consumed by my doom.”

Not sure if it’s the EXACT meaning Scott was talking about but when I hear those exact words I realize I was never truly alone as I thought I was, it’s such a pure lyric cause it’s true, the moon illuminating my room, indicating the night has arrived, and consumed by my doom, meaning our own thoughts are our doom . I sit in my room at night and think of EVERYTHING good and bad. Think on my past and on my future. Everyone I’ve lost in my 18 years of being alive. Realise all my mistakes. When the moon illuminates my room I’m consumed by loneliness, such a terrible thing. Until those exact words inject themselves in my brain, and I’m okay Cause I’m no longer alone. An artist that realises the power of music and saying ” your not alone ” through a permanent wave. Leaving MY mind at ease, leaving US ( his fans, people relating to his troubles ) at peace (:

{Soundtrack 2 My Life, Kid Cudi}


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